We want to be a people shaped and empowered by prayer. But most of us struggle with prayer.
We need someone to teach us how to become a people of prayer.

We are asking Jesus to teach us to pray.  Here’s how:


Over the course of 10-weeks, we’ll consider Jesus teaching on prayer, the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:5-15).

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In the weeks ahead we will announce special gatherings to pray together as a church and in small groups for our community, our neighbors and our world.


 Praying daily through the Lord’s Prayer individually and in LifeGroups.
Jesus prayed constantly. Prayer was essential part of his ministry. For Jesus, prayer was as necessary and common as breathing. For centuries, Christians have prayed through the Lord’s Prayer and used it it various ways. Drawing on these ancient practices, here are two simple ways you can take some big steps in your prayer life.

Pray the Lord’s Prayer repeatedly during the day.

To help you learn to pray constantly, you can write the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-14) on an index card and carry it with you during the day or place it on the dashboard of your car. If you know it by heart, begin to cultivate the habit of praying it silently or quietly to yourself at different moments during the day. Pray it slowly. The goal is allow your heart and mind to be shaped by your prayer and meditation on Jesus’ prayer. As you do, God will use different parts of the prayer to speak to you during the day.

Pray a different phrase from the Lord’s Prayer each day.

Divide the Lord’s prayer into short phrases, one for each day of the week. Write the phrase on an index card an carry it with you during the day. For example, you might write, “Our Father, who is in heaven” on a card for Monday, “Hallowed is your name” for Tuesday, and so on. Tumble the phrase over in your mind as simple prayer throughout the day. These phrases will become “lenses” through which you begin to see God, yourself and the world around you and will lead you to other specific areas of prayer. For example, praying “Our Father” may bring to mind prayer needs in your own relationship with your earthly father.