LifeGroups are where we get to know one another and learn that what it means to be Jesus’ disciples. We meet in homes across Houston to grow in our understanding of the Bible, build genuine relationships with each other, and encourage one another.

LifeGroups at Church of the Apostles are about community, discipleship, join God in his mission to share the good news of Jesus through words and actions in our city. 


This is probably the best place for people at Apostles to get to know others. These groups provide the opportunity to share life at a deeper level than casual relationships ever permit. It is a place to know and be known. Relationships are the geography of the Kingdom of God. And some of our deepest relationships can be forged in LifeGroups.


The centerpiece of these groups is Bible study. We turn to the scriptures as a message book and a method book. It contains the message of God’s love for us all, of salvation and healing for the world. As a method book, it describes how we can know the living God personally and live for him effectively. These groups are where we encourage one anther to grow deeply in our relationship with God.


While we have clergy on our church staff, the best pastoral care at Apostles takes place in LifeGroups. Here, as lives are shared and needs are known, we grow to care for one another at a deeper level. In moments of crisis or joy, group members respond with love for one another. Each group serves as a caring community that serves those in that group.


Our groups are great places to invite friends and guests to experience God’s love and explore the Christian life. In addition, groups are encouraged to find particular ways to serve our local community and the world.

Join a Group

Don’t see a Life Group in your area? Contact Brady at to find out how to help start one near you!

Galleria Men’s LifeGroup
Meets on Tuesday mornings at 6:30
Contact David Munson: 832.545.8204

River Oaks LifeGroup
Meets at 6:30pm on the second & fourth Tuesday
Contact Mike Rogers: 713.249.5529 or Les: 713.906.6507

West U LifeGroup
Meets at 7:30pm on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
Contact Craig Dawson: 713.498.1101

Meyerland/Westbury LifeGroup
Meets at 6pm on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
Contact Luke Kunefke: 540.836.5174

Woodland Heights LifeGroup
Meets at 7:30pm on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
Contact Langley Cumbie: 540.836.5174