Our Vision

To be a community where people can authentically encounter God, passionately pursue Christ and radically impact the world in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Authentic encounter

We live in a world that so often feels fragmented and superficial. We long for something real and we’ve found it in the person of Jesus Christ. In Jesus we have found meaning, purpose, and joy to our lives. Our hope is that every person in Houston would experience an authentic encounter with God.

Passionate pursuit

Jesus invites us into new life with him. A life marked by passion for his word and the fullness of his Spirit. So we are passionate about following him in obedience and faith and worshipping with joy and gratitude. Our prayer is that our lives would become radically reoriented around our relationship with Jesus.

Radical impact

The new life we have in Jesus transforms not only what we believe but how we live. We are seeking to join God in his work all around us by serving and loving our neighbors and authentically sharing the good news of Jesus. We believe that God can transform our city and our world through the humble and generous witness of his church.