Our Vision

To create environments where people can authentically encounter God, passionately pursue Christ and radically impact the world in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Authentic encounter

We live in a world of counterfeits and knockoffs. But God is more real than anyone or thing we will ever know. We yearn for everyone to authentically encounter the living God because encountering him will ultimately transform our lives.

Passionate Pursuit

We can go through an entire lifetime without ever knowing the life changing experience of following Christ. However, Jesus said that he had come into the world so that his followers could live abundant lives. He also said that loving him would involve our heart, soul, mind and strength. The passionate pursuit of Christ leads us to more life than we ever thought possible.

Radical impact

The first followers of Christ were accused of turning the world upside down! While that probably was not meant as a compliment it was nonetheless true. Individuals, families, relationships, communities and cultures can be transformed by the power and love of God.